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Frost Hardy Edible Groundcherries (Physalis spp.)

To genus Physalis belongs very numerous, mostly American species. The most known one is Cape Gooseberry (Physalis peruviana) – it is tender perennial with edible fruits. Other well known species – Chinese Latern (Ph. alkekengi) creates very ornamental but inedible fruit, but it is fully frost hardy. Almost nobody knows that there exists intermediate species – frost hardy and with edible delicious fruits. They are very difficult to buying. I dreamed about them by long time and after years of lokking for I have gotten the seeds of two such species: Ph. heterophylla and Ph. longifolia var. subglabrata. Both these species are fully resistant to frost in my zone 6b. They starts to abundant fruiting in 2-3 year of life. They germintes well if seeds were soaked in GA3 solution (2000ppm by 24 hours) if sown surface. The seeds can be also short or long cold stratified (after my experience I can say that the seeds of Ph. longifolia var. subglabrata can be kept in stratification by 1-1,5 year or…

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