February 21, 2019

Garlic Cress – Peltaria alliacea

This is small evergreen perennial full hardy in my zone 6b, which creates edible garlic-like-fragrant leaves, which are the best when used as a winter salad. The inflorescences (aromatic, pungent) are also very tasty. 
The plant prefers a light, fertile, moist soil in sun or light shade. Seeds do not need any pre-treatment and should be sown surface or shallowly (they can be sown immediately outside in mid spring). This is probably self-incompatible species, usually vegetative propagated by sellers and rarely creates fruits. I suppose that to harvesting the seeds there are necessary at least 2 genetically various plants (i.e. obtained from 2 seeds). The fruits are 1-seeded, flat and obovate-round. The seeds are quite large (relatively in comparison to other species of Mustard Family - Brassicaceae). This herb is very hard to find in trading (especially as the seeds). Some garden web-shops sell small potted plants but they are fastly sold out.
This species is evergreen - the leaves are especially delicious in winter and spring
The plants just starting to blooming

The plant in flowers
Young fruits - round, flat siliques (with 1 seed inside of each one)

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