September 1, 2018

Groundnut species (Apios sp. div.) in flowers

I have already described the 3 species of groundnuts which I grew in a post on February 2018. Now I am posting the photos of Traveler's Delight (Apios priceana) and American Groundnut (Apios tuberosa) – these both species have never flowered before in my experience. A. priceana I grew from seeds. I sown them 3-4 years ago. My Japanese Groundnut (Apios fortunei) unfortunately died in spring but I received new tubers from Japan.
Price's Potato-bean, Price's Groundnut, Traveler's Delight (Apios priceana):
This species has started to flowering in last days of August. Maybe in next year it starts earlier (?)
The young inflorescence (first half of August)
Just before blooming
The inflorescence can be quite large and branched

A blooming inflorescence
The climbers have grown very large this year (a few meters long), because I gave them very large pot with very good fertile soil
American Groundnut (Apios tuberosa = A. americana):

The plants is extremely ornamental when blooming
It is cultivated also in ornamental gardens (not only as a root vegetable)
The species is self-incompatible, but I planted 2 various geneticaly accessions, so there is hope for true seeds
The inflorescences of A. tuberosa are smaller than ones of A. priceana
 Japanese Groundnut, Chinese Groundnut (Apios fortunei, called also sometimes A. japonica) - the tubers received in summer from Japan:
The tubers were damaged during transport (they started to rotting) but I planted them and they created healthy shoots


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  1. A very interesting post. I've never managed to keep A. priceana going over the winter. Did the Apios fortunei survive?


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