September 1, 2018

Guava Tamarillo (Cyphomandra fragrans) in flowers

I have already described 2 species of hardy tamarillos (C. corymbiflora = Solanum corymbiflorum and Cyphomandra fragrans = Solanum diploconos) on February 2018. I thought that C. fragrans can bloom only in short day condition, but it is not truth. My only plant has flowered in this summer after a few years from seeds.
Guava Tamarillo (Cyphomandra fragrans) flowers - younger ones are purple, older become paler
I had a few plants but only one survived last winters in my cool cellar where every year appears light frost. Guava Tamarillo is self-incompatible so there is no hope for fruits. But I made cross pollinating between C. corymbiflora (female parent) and C. fragrans (pollen's donor). I read that such hybridization is easy and successful and I observed that hybrid fruits has been created. I hope that they will ripe. I am going make a separate post about making this hybridization (and hybrid seedlings if I get them in the future). Hybrid plants can be very interesting and they are said to have intermediate features as parents.
Now I am posting a few photos of Cyphomadra fragrans in flowers (and new photos of C. corymbiflora on the end):
The flower buds (half of July)
First flowers (end of July)
The flower - close up
The flowers look very lovely

The plant in full blooming (half of August)
This is very ornamental treelet when blooming

 And a few new photos of C. corymbiflora (Hardy Tamarillo):
This species also has darker young flowers and paler - older
It starts to flowering earlier (in first half of June) and blooms very long
It is very very ornamental treelet
The fruits obtained after pollinating Cyphomandra corymbiflora flowers by C. fragrans pollen - it is very easy (I will write about it soon)

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